nouveau sud premiere


Charlotte's first Contemporary Circus Company, an inter-cultural social circus effort. Using examples, folklore and stories from each community/group, we devised an overarching story of survival, the constant battle against conformity, that would involve characters representing each of these communities. The main vocabulary for this show relied heavily in the blend of cultural movement traditions and contemporary circus arts. Nouveau Sud, is about connecting with these communities, tying their stories to the story of this city, and showcasing the immense talent that exists underground in Charlotte.


Charlotte Observer: Come one, come all: CarlosAlexis Cruz wants all of Charlotte in his nouveau circus

By Page Leggett | April 21, 2016

"Now he tells what he calls 'human stories' in a language that doesn’t need to be translated. How? 'The characters are themselves in a contemporary circus,' he says. The show’s scenes 'are glimpses into (real people’s) lives. From crossing the border through the desert in a tumbling acrobatic piece, to the image of the other/exotic of an Asian female on aerial silks, to a constant confrontation/battle between black and white males on aerial straps ... we use hyper-physicality to convey these themes.'"


Charlotte Observer: Not your typical circus

By Page Leggett | April 21, 2016 

"Once Cruz assembled his cast – who are black, Latino, Asian and white, and some of whom will be performing on a stage for the first time – he began the process of shaping their stories into a narrative. This show has no script and very few words. “We have to portray a feeling without vocalizing,” Bright said."


Charlotte Magazine: New Art Friday: CarlosAlexis Cruz’s Nouveau Sud, Nouveau Cirque

By Andy Smith | April 29, 2016

"With breakdancing, aerial dancing, acrobatics, and bilingual poetry, the show highlights how the cultures of Latino, African-American, and Asian-American communities help comprise the DNA of the region. Themes range from social injustice to longstanding traditions. During one monologue, a performer speaks to the audience about the ignorant things he often hears as an Asian-American. 'Just let me be free,' he responds. 'Let me be me.'"


Charlotte Viewpoint: Nouveau Sud Reflects Diverse South Acrobatically

by Mark Pizzato | April 29, 2016

"The current show is about an hour, yet overflows with energy, skill, and poetic possibilities.  As its program promises, 'the Noveau Sud project is just getting started.'  But this installment is too good to be missed. As my wife said at the end of the show about its ticket price, 'It should be 30 dollars, not 10.'"


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