BOOTH PLAYHOUSE | July 20 - 21 , 2018

In Septem, we follow the journey of seven friends who decided to come back to this our city in the hopes of connecting back to the place they are from and also witness first-hand the way in which Charlotte has become an ‘inclusive’ and progressive city. From coming back to live together, to their work life, to the increasing tension of the ever present socio-cultural separation, forces this group of friends to react in unexpected ways. Personal differences. Compassion? Inclusiveness? Listen? Concepts and questions.

In Nouveau Sud’s unique way, we will bring to our city our newest play as we continue to examine the question of becoming a true community, using the contemporary circus arts as our main vocabulary.

High level acrobatics, social subjects to think together, live music and a dynamic way of performing; true contemporary social circus--- Nouveau Sud is a Circus for the Community and a Community of Circus.

A contemporary social circus play

Jul 20 - Friday at 7:30pm

Jul 21 - Saturday at 7:30pm

Tickets: $10


Creative Loafing: Nouveau Sud Debuts New Sinful Acrobatic Show: Seven is a magic number

By Sophie Whisnant | July 18, 2018

“We started researching a little bit more and we found ways that the seven deadly sins were also connected to seven new forms of our social oppression, so we started to think a little more in that conversation. So we crafted this story about seven friends who grew up in Charlotte and left and now are coming back.”